Bedroom Paint: Found?

February 26, 2007 at 2:14 pm 1 comment

We went back to Janovic this weekend (this time we went to the one on 86th street — much better) and picked up 2 samples to try out — a blue for our bedroom and dark grey (Deep Space) for my husband’s future office (where he will do much in the way of online game playing, but very little “office” type work). The blue was the “Old Blue Jeans” that I’ve posted about before. It looks like this on the Benjamin Moore site:

As you will see, did NOT look like that on our wall.


Old Blue Jeans was seriously dark. But, not as dark as the murky Deep Space. Now there’s a paint with a fitting name. We were thinking a dark grey would be good for his office since he’s planning on doing things like hanging a millennium falcon from the ceiling (Seriously. He has his own lightsaber — he means business.) So, I went back the next day and got some more samples: Rock Grey for the office, sheer romance for the bedroom and Misty Blue for the bedroom, as seen below:

The Misty Blue is just a bit too close to white, but I think Sheer Romance is lovely (cheesy name notwithstanding) and it matches the color I liked in Domino almost perfectly. Unfortunately, the colors look a little off in these photos and the Misty Blue looks similar to the Sheer Romance. Sheer Romance is actually just a bit darker than Misty Blue and is not as light as it looks in the pic. I think we may have a decision on the bedroom, but the jury is still out on the office color. Thank goodness for the Benjamin Moore samples. I would have been so depressed if we’d bought the original choices and painted the rooms with them. Can you imagine an office of Deep Space? Like a cave. But, not the fabulous Armani kind.


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