Real Accessories Have Curves

March 8, 2007 at 8:41 am Leave a comment

I love my furniture to be all clean lines and angles, but I love curves and rounded shapes in accessories. Here are two that I really love, both via Outblush.

I get so many magazines each month that I’m forever throwing out one or another as quickly as possible in order to keep from drowning in them. My husband, however, likes to keep his magazines around for a while (FOREVER if I’d let him.) I think this might be a nice addition to his future office. Just imagine it filled with PC Gamers and the occasional Men’s Health:


Then, these. I love these! I’ve certainly never thought about buying a birdhouse, but I’d totally hang these all over my backyard. They’re adorable. They’re like the VW bugs of birdhouses!


Seriously. Go look at all the different colors at the bottom of the page. Irresistible.

From that same site, though, I’m somewhat disturbed by the “Buff Humpty”. Creepy.


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