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First entry, whee!

I’ve started this blog to share the design projects/problems we’re sure to face with our recently-purchased home and to hopefully get some advice, suggestions, admonishments, etc. from people who love interior design or those who, like me, are just newbies at this whole thing.

After years of living in various Manhattan apartments, we’ve gone and bought ourselves a house in NJ. A whole house. Yay! But, also, yikes. Our current apartment is just 4 rooms (counting the bathroom) and has the dreaded living room/kitchen combo. I don’t even think you could call it a kitchen, really. I love to cook, so this “kitchen” has been the bane of my existence for the past 5 years (as I’m sitting on my couch typing this, I look up to see my tiny stove staring back at me. Stupid stove.) You’d think that 5 years in a place would lead to some attempt at decorating, but you would be wrong. I guess I’ve always looked at this apartment as a transitional space and so I never really wanted to bother going too far in decorating it. That’s probably a silly reason, but I’m often silly and always stubborn.

So now we’ve bought a house that has an actual kitchen (though it does need to be redone), a living room, dining room, 1.5 baths, an attic, a basement and 3 bedrooms. And a sort of porch room which I just have no idea what to do with. That’s a whole lot of house when you’re used to having your refrigerator within reaching distance during Ugly Betty.

I’m hoping this blog will help me organize our projects before and after we move in. Our first step is buying this book. When one of your first questions upon seeing a basement is, “which one is the furnace?”, you know you need help.


February 11, 2007 at 5:02 pm 1 comment

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