Anyone need a new toaster?

Skull toaster via Modern Self.


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Feeling Earthy

Maybe it was Scrappy Girl’s post asking if a skirt with a tree design could be turned into a room, but I found myself checking out tree-themed textiles all day today. I love the colors in this room. I’d totally be into this look if I had, you know, floor to ceiling windows and owned absolutely nothing so as to insure this lovely spotless environment in my bedroom:
greener grass

I love these pillows:
greener grass
and this rug:
greener grass
It’s all from Greener Grass Design and, in my fantasies, I’ve ordered one of each. Well, maybe more than one of the pillows.

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Bedroom Paint: Found?

We went back to Janovic this weekend (this time we went to the one on 86th street — much better) and picked up 2 samples to try out — a blue for our bedroom and dark grey (Deep Space) for my husband’s future office (where he will do much in the way of online game playing, but very little “office” type work). The blue was the “Old Blue Jeans” that I’ve posted about before. It looks like this on the Benjamin Moore site:

As you will see, did NOT look like that on our wall.


Old Blue Jeans was seriously dark. But, not as dark as the murky Deep Space. Now there’s a paint with a fitting name. We were thinking a dark grey would be good for his office since he’s planning on doing things like hanging a millennium falcon from the ceiling (Seriously. He has his own lightsaber — he means business.) So, I went back the next day and got some more samples: Rock Grey for the office, sheer romance for the bedroom and Misty Blue for the bedroom, as seen below:

The Misty Blue is just a bit too close to white, but I think Sheer Romance is lovely (cheesy name notwithstanding) and it matches the color I liked in Domino almost perfectly. Unfortunately, the colors look a little off in these photos and the Misty Blue looks similar to the Sheer Romance. Sheer Romance is actually just a bit darker than Misty Blue and is not as light as it looks in the pic. I think we may have a decision on the bedroom, but the jury is still out on the office color. Thank goodness for the Benjamin Moore samples. I would have been so depressed if we’d bought the original choices and painted the rooms with them. Can you imagine an office of Deep Space? Like a cave. But, not the fabulous Armani kind.

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Pretty Lighting

I think I need this. It’s the Sun Jar lamp and you can find it at Generate. There’s probably a way to make something like this yourself out of a frosted jar and a candle, but this is solar powered and therefore supercool. I think it would be so lovely in a windowsill at dusk in late summer or early fall.

Sun Jar

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Bed Fiesta

You’d think I’d get sick of talking about beds…but, no.

Walked home last night and happened to pass The Door Store. I spied a few beds inside and took a half a second to peer into the window. The store was already closed, but they had a few things that looked interesting. I’ve walked by The Door Store a hundred times, but why would I go into a store that, presumably, sells doors, if I was not in need of a door? Turns out, they sell more than just doors. They should think through that name choice, IMO. I have no idea if they have good furniture, but here are a couple of interesting options:

This bed is called “Solid and Basic”. Again, with the crappy naming.

This one, the Tranquility bed, looks okay, but I am really not crazy about the drawers. I’m going to check both of these out this weekend.

Here’s a bed that has nothing to do with what I want in my bedroom, but I love all the same:

So pretty and clean, but I really do think you’d need to keep your bedding all neatly tucked. I’m a big fan of Armani Casa. I saw him recently on some show talking about how he put together his dream bedroom and, I swear, he was living in what looked like a cave. But, you know what? It was the most beautiful damned cave you could imagine.

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Can’t Find A Better Bed

Sometimes I like to take phrases and sing them to the tune of Pearl Jam’s “Better Man”. Weird or just catchy? I vote for both.

I’m feeling some intense pressure to decide on a bed, like, NOW. As I said, we’re planning on a blue paint and I’d like a dark, low bed. Originally, we were strongly considering this one from West Elm:

but then I started to read some not so good reviews of West Elm beds — the quality is not great and they seem to have issues staying together during, um, extracurricular activities. So..I started looking at other options.

Option 1:
bisect bed
I like the Bisect bed a lot. It’s probably my favorite right now. It’s low, though not a platform bed. It’s a nice dark color and it has clean lines. The only problem is that there’s no CB2 in NYC and I hate not being able to see things in person before I buy them.

Option 2:
The Loop bed from Crate and Barrel is okay, but there’s something about the wood grain pattern that bothers me.

Option 3:
Another Crate and Barrel. This one is steel, so it’s a move away from the chocolate wood, but the color is pretty dark in person and I do like the pattern. It would be more annoying to find other bedroom furniture to go with it though. I’m not into the light wood that they have paired with it.

Option 4:
Malm bed from Ikea. Of course, it’s cheeeeap, which is nice. But, this is the darkest color available. Apparently there is some rare brown/black that was available in limited distribution for a while, but no one seems to know when or if it will ever be available again. Foiled!

Feel free to throw any other bed frame suggestions my way. I’m getting desperate.

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I’m 12

I like Moss. I don’t really like everything there — a lot of their pieces are a little too cold for me, but they have some great decorative pieces and l think some of their lamps are pretty cool. I really enjoy looking around in their store downtown and I was browsing around on their site tonight and found a few things I liked:

Not that I need any more espresso pots. I don’t think I’ve ever met an espresso pot I didn’t like.

I love this urn:

I don’t have the $1,415 for it, but I like it.

I imagine Lex Luthor would love this decanter:
(by the way, CW, your site is a nightmare)

As I was looking around, I came across a vase that stopped me in my tracks. I’m ashamed to say that I started giggling.

And then I was forced to wonder — am I, perhaps, too immature for modern design? 😦

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